For our industry and environment

Forth and Tay Decommissioning offers an integrated, end-to-end service, purposefully designed to create a decommissioning hub in Scotland.

Through its leading process, deccommissioning mindset and flexible customer-focused service model, Forth and Tay Decommissioning will build a regional industry and more sustainable future for oil and gas.

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Uniting experts and innovators

Forth and Tay Decommissioning brings together the sector’s most experienced and brightest minds to deliver an innovative and entrepreneurial solution to decommissioning.

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See the innovative and first-in-class Moonraker 1 UK heavy lift vessel in action below:

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Our vision is to aggregate discrete projects into campaigns and then campaigns into hubs. Only by doing this are we able to create a sustainable, profitable and low cost decommissioning industry in Dundee, and better serve the future needs of our industry in Scotland.

Callum Falconer, Chief Executive, Dundeecom

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