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A solutions-focused alliance

A solutions-focused alliance of established leaders and emerging innovators working together, Forth and Tay Decommissioning works as one to safely deliver our unique low cost service solutions.

Realising the vision for such significant reductions in costs, time and environmental impact is made possible through the power of collaboration. Forth and Tay Decommissioning has established a permanent UK base for end-to-end delivery that will successfully eliminate the high cost, effort and risk of relocating talent and equipment for traditional project-based decommissioning.

Forth and Tay Decommissioning

Forth and Tay Decommissioning is an alliance focused on sustainable, low cost solutions to decommissioning.

In our industry, the experience of long-established and trusted experts is invaluable. However, facing the challenges of today, innovation and entrepreneurial new thinking have become critical to ensuring a prosperous tomorrow.

Forth and Tay Decommissioning brings together the sector’s most experienced and innovative companies to deliver our vision for low cost, sustainable decommissioning in the UK.

Forth and Tay Decommissioning is a non-exclusive collaborative team of solution providers based on internal and external trust, transparency and alignment.

Why Forth and Tay Decommissioning?

Forth and Tay Decommissioning understands industry challenges and provides a UK-based, full scope, low-cost solution with a focus on transparency and customer satisfaction.

As a collaborative alliance, Forth and Tay Decommissioning:

  • Is a non-contractual and non-exclusive alliance based on alignment of beliefs and principles. Building a UK-based industry, focused on decommissioning, the alliance centres work and logistics around a functioning multi-industry hub in the Port of Dundee to simplify physical interfaces, reduce transportation logistics and optimise synergies
  • Eliminates duplication of management structures and internal costs. Forth and Tay Decommissioning’s innovative commercial, contractual and pricing models deliver sustainable and profitable cost minimisation and provide protection to all contracting parties
  • Offers full scope capabilities, from late life management, project management and regulatory and planning processes, to preparation, well abandonment, removal, disposal and long-term monitoring
  • Aligns with Her Majesty’s Government regulatory and industry goals of cost minimisation through sustainable and profitable efficiencies


Forth and Tay Decommissioning brings together experienced and innovative member companies, each contributing complementary expertise, experience and quality to decommissioning.

The governance model is simple and effective, with a steering group of six members who regularly meet to discuss the alliance status, options, plans and decisions. Decision making requires a unanimous consensus made by these six members:

Steering Group Members:

Commercial Principles

Forth and Tay Decommissioning adopts flexible governance processes and adaptable commercial models to enable a sustainable future for our industry. Through the complementary blend of capabilities and experience of our members, Forth & Tay Decommissioning offers an integrated full-service decommissioning model which is flexible and adaptable in scope, contracting model and pricing. Clients have a single interface into the alliance to simplify the process and combine fair and balanced contractual terms.

To protect clients and alliance members, terms will be set to effectively manage risk, with full internal contractual readiness and pricing mechanisms between alliance members. There will be no internal alliance mark-ups by lead contractors on alliance members pricing, ensuring alignment and cost efficiency.

The alliance strongly advocates early engagement internally and externally to ensure full alignment on scope, agreement of scope definition maturity status, and clarity on division of responsibilities.

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Integrated Decommissioning Services

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